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Pacific Pine wood products are high quality, beautiful and reliable.


Quality Product

Our goal from our beginnings more than 25 years ago, was to create the highest quality line of pattern boards and decking products in the marketplace. With our long term distributor’s positive feedback and consistent re-orders, it has shown us we have succeeded. Our end users recognize the quality of our products, saving them time and money

Product Range

We manufacture a complete line of products, providing you more options to become profitable. From Lodgepole Pine, SPF and Douglas Fir pattern boards to decking in both SPF and Douglas Fir, we offer a wide variety. Looking to produce other patterns on our planer mill for your custom order? Not a problem. And, with Pacific Pine’s established custom log-cabin siding and flooring programs – created specifically for customers like you – the possibilities are endless


As a medium size custom family mill, Pacific Pine provides the flexibility to ship our customers exact tallys, typically in 2 weeks or less. This allows our distributors to manage their money and create faster turns, while not missing any orders. Our customers consider this to be another crucial ingredient in our collective success. Give us a call for the distributor in your area. New distribution opportunities will be considered

About Us

With 75 years of combined experience, Jim and Stuart Green proudly run a business known for delivering high quality products and long-lasting relationships.


Pacific Pine sourcing encompasses numerous species and grades, with a focus on Lodgepole Pine, Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) and Douglas Fir. Our valued suppliers know what we need and our value added manufacturing partners understand the custom manufacturing, handling and packaging process.

Together, we specialize in timely shipments and fair market pricing, allowing us to utilize the trademark values of the Pacific Pine: integrity, accountability, and efficiency.

• Produce the highest quality products
• No “comeback” or return issues found with product
• Specified lengths and widths
• Durable and reliable pine product
• Canadian made and manufactured
• Coordination and establishment of distribution supply networks
• Industry leading product marketer
• In the marketplace since 1988

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